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"TIRAM" - Information and Investigation has for years specialized in every kind of investigation, the location of missing persons, security services and detection, providing information services as well as financial investigations.

Our Primary Goal

To provide our clients with information, assistance and protection while carefully guarding the identity of the client, his needs and full discretion, and while upholding guiding principles based on professional integrity, upholding the law and loyalty to our clients.

Office Staff

The Office staff of "Tiram" - Information and Investigation consists of senior professional personnel who are among the most experienced in their field - former members of the police, the Israel Defense Forces and select intelligence units, professional investigators in the banking and financial fields as well as computer and telecommunications personnel.

Depending upon the requirements of the investigation, the Office makes use of the most accomplished professionals.
Some of the staff specializes in overseas investigations, particularly in Europe and the United States.

The Modus Operandi of the Office

"Tiram" - Information and Investigation combines accepted investigation methods with advanced hi-tech such as telecommunications systems and special electronics equipment in order to achieve the required results quickly and efficiently.
We also make use of sources of information and connections with key figures in order to succeed in our missions and to provide what our clients require.

Connections and Delegations Abroad

The Office has many connections throughout the world. In parallel we operate a number of branches and delegations in Budapest (Hungary), New York (USA) and London (England).
"Tiram" - Information and Investigation is a member of the Israeli Society of Investigation Bureaus and in investigation organizations abroad.

Fields of Specialization

In the modern business environment, many firms face stiff and dangerous competition. We in "Tiram" - Information and Investigation provide our clients with a primary line of protection as well as vital and needed information, with the aim of enabling efficient handling of various instances.

Financial Investigations

  • Location of personal details

  • Location of bank accounts

  • Location of real estate

  • Location of vehicles

  • Discovery of sources of income

  • Payments morality

  • Location of fraud

  • Business intelligence

  • Preparation for litigation

  • Criminal and civil proceedings

Private Investigations Private investigations and professional counseling in a variety of fields:

  • Accompaniment in legal proceedings against private entities, authorities and companies

  • Accompaniment in divorce proceedings

  • Discrete background check of a spouse or future husband/wife

  • Collecting financial information (deposits in insurance, funds, mortgages, loans, savings programs, stocks, bank branches, real estate, vehicles, etc.) of a spouse and/or the family

  • Criminal and civil proceedings

Locating Missing Persons

Locating people is a specialized field that is almost unique to our office. Locating missing persons is rarely an easy task and in most cases requires determination and creativity in finding effective solutions to the problem.

In many cases the missing person himself does not wish to be found. "Tiram"Information and Investigation deals with proven efficiency in these matters in Israel and abroad, while making use of contacts and various sources of information at our disposal in order to trace the missing person.

Our experience over many years, along with our connections with governmental offices, police and other bodies, in most cases increases the success rate in finding the missing person. We also trace addresses, bank accounts, debtors and places of work.

Polygraph Tests

The Office conducts professional polygraph tests, using advanced equipment from the American company AXCITION. This company is the worldwide leader in its advanced equipment and in performing computerized polygraph tests.

Due to its reliability, the AXCITION polygraph was chosen as the most effective by leading police and intelligence forces around the world, such as: CIA, FBI, NYPD and the LAPD. The polygraph tests are performed and interpreted by the leading experts in the field.

The polygraph testers at "Tiram" Information and Investigation are members of the APA – American Polygraph Association.
The Polygraph Examiners "Tiram" Information and Investigation are members in APA (The World Polygraph Association), the Israeli and Europe polygraph association.

Discovery and Prevention of Wiretapping

"Tiram" Information and Investigation places at its costumers' disposal advanced, state of the art electronic equipment which quickly and effectively allows the identifying of wiretapping on phone lines or in rooms.


Every day, many businesses and private individuals are exposed to situations in which sensitive information is wrongfully used.

Our experts in "Tiram"Information and Investigation will accompany you through the process of establishing an information security system at any required level, including the purchasing of security equipment (if needed), as well as counseling and guidance of employees and setting up inspection systems.

If any unwanted use has been made – we will find the traces, expose the offences and the offenders and obtain the evidence, in order to assist our costumer in prosecuting them.

Security Officer Services

Consultation and establishment of a full security system for companies and businesses. The Office conducts a thorough security check, including office shielding, movement checks in sensitive areas and a test of the observance of confidentiality by the employees, as well as periodic loyalty checks.

"Tiram" Information and Investigation meets the standards in security and safety rules and regulations, while placing high value on protection of computerized information and protection of the organization's employees.

Building a Line of Defense in Cases of Libel and Harm to Reputation

The good name of a person and the reputation of a company are a vital asset for regular, successful operation of a business or of a private individual.

Cases of slander, libel and harm to one's reputation may cause substantial, possibly irreversible damage to the operation and development of the business or of a particular person and can be decisive over the long term, if they are not handled properly. In such cases, a swift response and basic plan are required in order to protect these values.

Our expertise is in gathering sufficient evidence, findings and solutions which provide grounds for a legal suit or any other action in order to achieve the desired result, while making use of the means at our disposal.

Unfair Competition and Industrial Espionage

Competition between various companies and businesses does not always follow the laws of fair play. Industrial espionage, fraud, illegal access to a company's computer systems, theft/forgery of documents - have become part of the daily routine in business activity.

"Tiram" Information and Investigation provides protection, care and effective assistance to our clients in cases of unfair competition. We use all legal means at our disposal to collect evidence and/or relevant data in order to provide grounds for a law suit or, alternatively, to provide our customers with the information and means to prevent the leakage of sensitive information from their company.

Installation of Visible/Hidden Technical Equipment

The experienced "Tiram" Information and Investigation technical staff will provide a solution to any problem requiring the installation of hidden or visible cameras, entrance and exit systems, control and inspection systems, combined CCTV systems (with special optical equipment) suited to office buildings, factories, airports and local authorities.

Camouflaged mobile equipment for recording and photographing in accordance with the Privacy Protection Act and the Anti Wiretapping Act. We also provide a response in cases of theft, breaking and entering, harassment and threats, as well as advanced equipment against industrial and business espionage.

We have a recording system which provides a response in cases of dishonest employees, inspection of attendance clocks, filming and documenting meeting rooms, documenting meetings, etc. Systems to control synchronization of access to a computer or a Stand Alone for control and supervision of the entrance and departure of employees, the most sophisticated alarm systems in the market to shield buildings and offices.

Wiretapping Tests

We check for wiretapping in cases of suspicion of wiretapping in a business, due to personal or professional disagreements. The test is conducted using computerized equipment built especially to discover wiretappings and recording by the best minds in Israel and abroad. When necessary, other investigative actions may be conducted to collect evidence for a law suit over privacy infringement. Our Office performs periodical wiretapping checks for local authorities, government offices, commercial factories, hi-tech companies, law firms and official institutions in Israel as well as abroad. We also provide one-time checks when needed.

We watch, we ask, we listen, we locate, and in the end, we report to you. Our reports are written clearly and are easy to understand and provide a response to the needs of the client.